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What we Offer

Networking – Home and Office
PC Support & Installation
Hard drive Back Up
Data Recovery
Remote Support
PC Repair
Internet Security
Printers, Digital Cameras and Scanners

No Fix No Pay Based

We offer a wide range of services which can suite your specific needs to an affordable price. In most cases we can or fix your machine at your home, but in some other specific situations we may need to pick up your machine and fixed at our headquarters when the required work and fix is more extensive.

What We Can Do For You and Your Computer/s.... PC FIX can do a lot of useful things for you and your computer. You hire us for personal training for example to show you how to use a specific application or applications in windows and how can you benefit from it.

​We can also listen to your needs and look for the programs that you need to meet your expectations in your windows and internet experiences. We can help you to install and guide through anything including windows itself, remote communications such as Skype, and many other functions you may need.

We also can help your machine by given it the proper care and repair. If your computer is taking a lot to start up, it is running slow, it is receiving warnings, is infected with malicious viruses among many other common issues we can fix it for you and give life to your machine once again.

Sometimes you may not need a specific tutorial about how to use applications and it may be that your computer is it not slow at all neither running any errors, but you may experience internet disconnections issues or slow internet traffic exchange making your internet experience poor. In those circumstances we can also help analyse the problem and make sure we can improve your network performance.

Maybe none of these apply to you... your PC is running fine and fast, you are quite knowledgeable of most basic windows functions and your internet and network are fine, but you may have issues with third party devices such as printers, scans, digital cameras etc... Common issues such as not being able to print anything, cannot transfer data form third party devices to the computer or not being able to install a new device to the machine. In these circumstances you will find our help useful as well since we can give you great support in this area.

PC fix is based in the Peterborough area and are ready to fix your issues. With Windows certifications based knowledge we are ready to tackle your computer issues. Although we are based in Peterborough we can consider travelling if needed.