Windows 7, 8 and 10 Support

Is Your Computer Slow?
We are here to change that.
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Effective Solutions

We evaluate your problem
and take it to the best
route solution available.

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Computer Repair

Fast repairs on
software and hardware
related issues.

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IT Planning

We help you to
maintain your machine
to avoid simiar issues.

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What we Offer

Networking – Home and Office
PC Support & Installation
Hard drive Back Up
Data Recovery
Remote Support
PC Repair
Internet Security
Printers, Digital Cameras and Scanners

Solutions That You Need!

Is your computer too slow, out of shape, showing up errors and all those nasty symptoms that makes your online and windows experience poor? Or is your software applications not working or third party hardware devices such as digital cameras, printers etc.? Or are you just looking for an upgrade? If you are having those problems and needs PC FIX is the solutions for you!

We serve the Peterborough area and surroundings. We are dedicated to machines running only windows operating systems. We have great deals of service which can help you to restore your computer and put it back in shape.